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One day, I just happened to notice something strange. It occurred to me that certain hands were constantly getting crushed and that at certain times my inferior hands were holding up. So I started doing a little testing and research to see what was going on 'behind the scenes' at PokerStars...
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What is the PokerStars Code?
The PokerStars code is an explanation of how to win
using the same poker algorithms and code used by PokerStars.

PokerStars uses a RNG (Random Number Generator)
to deal out cards,


then they use additional online poker algorithms in their software
to determine a winner!

The method used by PokerStars is the result of
constant bad beats and is the exact reason why good hands
usually do not hold up against inferior hands.

In Fact, in a recent US Senate hearing regarding legalizing online gambling,
Tom Goldstein, representing stated emphatically,
"We apply 'Massive Algorithms' to data on poker hands and players"

Those Massive Algorithms are what makes you LOSE!

The PokerStars Code explains the patterns, the sequences and the algorithms
and shows you, using charts and graphs,
how to spot these algorithms and how to beat the software!
Why does PokerStars use additional Algorithms and Sequences?
Simply to prevent collusion and cheating!

The algorithms designed are anti-collusion and anti-cheating
algorithms used to prevent players from subverting the software.


If you know WHAT to look for and know HOW to identify them,
You can easily avoid the bad beats and even easier
The PokerStars Code shows you the patterns,
reveals the algorithms and gives you the
charts to follow so that you will win!

EVERYBODY needs an edge when it comes to Online Poker!

The skill factor and the luck factor are out the door
as the PokerStars code reveals how to win consistently on PokerStars!
Has this ever happened to you? Of Course! Aces get cracked constantly online, now you can discover why and how to prevent it using the PokerStars Code!
Why do Aces lose in Poker

Why would I want to tell the world about this secret?

I have been asked many times why I would want to tell poker players
about the secret online poker algorithms and how to win at poker,
instead of keeping it to myself.

The truth is, I think it is unfair that PokerStars is basically
cheating players by using algorithms that purposely
deliver bad beats and constant suck outs to good players.

I am a firm believer in the poker game and
think that PokerStars should allow the cards to play
out in a fair way without the help of
unfair sequential algorithms.

After all, Poker is a game of skill and
the game should be fair and above board for everyone
to use their skill and poker knowledge to win,

Winning should NOT
be determined by a
computer-generated program
that PokerStars decides!

PokerStars knows that if they did that,
the less experienced and less educated players
would NEVER deposit again, if all they did was lose every time!

So, since PokerStars decided to level the field
by using additional programs to alter the true outcome of the cards,
I have made available all my research, statistics and
the code behind the PokerStars software.
In essence, a true PokerStars Hack that will help you win!

The PokerStars Code is NOT:
  • pokerstars crackedAbout cheating or colluding
  • hack pokerstarsHow to magically 'see' your opponents hole cards
  • pokerbotsAbout how to play poker (using lame strategies!)
  • pokerstars hackA bunch of poker strategy BS that does not work online
The PokerStars Code is about:
  • pokerstars codeHow To win using the same code PokerStars uses to determine winning hands!
  • pokerstars crackedHow to avoid getting constant bad beats!
  • pokestars crackHow to get deeper in every tourney you play!
  • hack pokerstarsHow to Maximize your profits on the cash tables!
  • pokerstars hackHow to Finally become a winning player!

No Hype, No Nonsense and No BS!
Straight to the point because you want to win
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This small investment in your poker future is well worth it!
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Copyright 2016 - Daniel McDonald - All Rights Reserved.
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